With all the perks of smoke-free rental housing, you could have decided a smoking ban is right for you. There are a number No Smoking Lease for Landlordsof how-to reviews that lead you through the procedure, yet there are a couple of points you ought to understand before you adopt your own smoking ban.

3 Things Landlords Need to Know About Going Smoke Free

1. To be enforceable, the no-smoking policy needs to be laid out in the lease arrangement. Many landlords choose the very easy choice of connecting a Smoke-Free Lease Addendum to their existing lease. We’ve provided an example of such an addendum in our blog post How to Draft a Non-Smoking Lease Agreement. Note that the addendum is signed by the occupant.

But don’t stop there.

Along with adding that lease addendum, it is essential to re-read your lease contract and all various other accessories, trying to find contradictions or omissions. For example, does your lease offer a smoking room or permissible spots to smoke? Does that contradict the Smoke-Free Addendum? If so, the contradiction needs to be resolved or the policy might fall short.

Do your house rules include the smoking restriction?

Go over your solutions in the lease. You need to can make sure you can evict a renter which breaches the smoking ban. Know any sort of plans that call for a warning just before you respond against a lessee, specifically if giving a warning the next notice will be for an eviction.

2. While the heart of the smoke-free policy is in the lease, in actuality, it is easier to implement those arrangements if you make the non-smoking plan crystal clear to lessees right from the start.

Include “no-smoking” in your rental ads to discourage applicants that aren’t sure they could adhere to the plan. Checklist your jobs in smoke-free rental list databases to boost the chances of locating applicants who welcome the smoke-free policy.

Reiterate the smoking plan when you talk with customers.

Include no-smoking indications around the property.

3. A sample smoke-free lease extension might just cover tobacco smoke– pipes smoking, cigar smoking and cigarettes. If you would like to include smoking marijuana or the electronic cigarettes, it is best to be clear in the addendum.

Employ the help of a property attorney if you want to make sure your non smoking lease covers all the legal bases.

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