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We serve the Eviction Notice and File all the  court documents

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Your represented in court with all our years of experience.

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We will give you updates and the case progresses and with any changes.

We Deliver Results

We work hard to provide you a satisfactory outcome to protect your investment.

Houston Eviction Notice, 3 day notice to vacate,

Notice to Vacate Unpaid Rent

A hand-delivered “Notice to Vacate” is proven to get results fast.

Tenant Eviction Notice handled for you done right. When the tenant realizes that you have hired a 3rd party agency that you are serious about collecting the rent and they can no longer try and appeal to your sympathies but face certain eviction if they do not pay the rent.

We have seen this principle work time and time again. Using our service will save you time and the hassle of dealing with a tenant that is just stalling for more time and causing you to lose money and even get behind in your mortgage.

So if you are looking for an eviction service near me and want a hand delivered eviction notice to vacate, call us and let’s get started on getting your non-paying tenant out of the property or get the back rent that is owed you.

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Eviction Court Services

After the delivery of the hand-delivered Notice to Vacate and the tenant has not paid the rent nor they have not demonstrated an intention to pay or is unable to pay the lease amount, we go to the courthouse and file the Petition for Eviction (aka Forcible Entry and Detainer Lawsuit ).

Once the required documents and fees have been submitted, the eviction process is set in motion with a court date set and we attend the court.

On that date, we attend court for you or with you and get the judgment as rendered by the judge. The judge will then advise the tenants of their rights after they receive the judgment.

More about the evictions services we offer and the eviction process in Texas

Starting at $569.00

Writ of Possession Houston Evictions

Execute Writ of Possession

The court gives tenants five days to appeal or move out. We will send you a copy of the judgment as soon as we receive it. If the tenant(s) do not move out, a Writ of Possession will have to be obtained.   We will file the WRIT for you and handle all the coordination of moving the tenant’s belongings out of your house.  If the tenants appealed we work with some excellent attorneys that can handle the appealed case. This way you know all the bases are covered.   **(Locksmith fees are extra for the WRIT)

So if you are looking for an eviction company near me, you have made the right choice.  We are property owners ourselves and understand the importance of getting your house back.

Starting at $459.00

Post Eviction Services

Vacancy Check - Are they still there?


Abstract of Judgement - Place tenants debts for collection


Estimate of repairs for a damaged property for collection


Get new tenants - we are a licensed Real Estate Agency and Management company


Make the property ready for rent for for sale


Sell your property with fast results. We are a Real Estate Agency and Investor. We Buy Houses!


Eviction Services for Landlords

We are a professional eviction service. As a landlord this is supposed to be a profitable proposition for you, but everyday that goes by without payment is another day of lost income as you have no guarantee that rent is coming. Maybe you have received some promises, but no rent paid yet.  We are here to help you get the rent or regain your property.

 You have been patient long enough it’s time to allow us to handle the eviction for you and take care of your investment.  We have handled 1000’s of evictions, let our experience work for you.

We have seen too many times that these empty promises end as a negative cash flow. How much loss depends on you by how much time you lose for not getting a paying tenant.  All you need is one day late to start the eviction process, literally, unless your lease says different.  Call or contact us and let us help you right away to solve the delinquent tenant problem.

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Exceptional Customer Service

We do the process for you

We do the process for you while placing you back in control of your property. We understand that the eviction process can be a confusing and emotional time for a property owner.

That is why we structure our service to minimize the time that you need to spend on the process, to answer all of your questions and to get the results that you desire.

If you are looking for eviction services near me then Houston Evictions is the right group to handle your landlord problems.

Eviction Professionals

Our team of eviction professionals is in court regularly to legally remove non-paying tenants for property owners, managers and real estate investors. We view your property as your own small business and, as such, you should see a return on your investment every month. Having a tenant who has not paid rent, or is not paying rent on time will cause a negative cash flow.  We work on your behalf to protect your property and effectively use the law in order to put you back in control of your property.

We Get Results

Let us help you with the eviction process. We take care of everything. In many cases we get the the tenant to pay rent that would have taken you months to collect, if at all. Get control of your property now not next month.

The Court Eviction Regulations

In Justice Courts, eviction suits for nonpayment of rent or holding over beyond a rental term, the parties may represent themselves or be represented by their authorized agent. An authorized agent requesting or obtaining a default judgment does not need to be an attorney.
An authorization form will be sent to you to sign once we have started the process.
Houston Evictions is The Best and most Affordable Eviction Notification Service in the Houston Metroplex. We have over 11 years experience working with Landlords and Investors.

This is your investment, your nest egg, your retirement, you did this to make money and absolutely not to lose any. We are Houston Evictions, a service offered by Complete Property Services LLC and have been based in Houston, Texas for over 15 years.  We provide individual property owners and real estate investors throughout the Houston area with fast, reliable and professional eviction services from start to finish.  Tenant Eviction Starts with an Eviction Notice which we Hand-Deliver.

We are currently out of country due to my husband’s job, and the tenant did pay last two months rent and won’t move out… We are so far from home and helpless. Luckily we found this website and decided to give it a try in desperate. Lisa is helping us at the moment. Not only she helps us go to the court and win the judgement but she spends her time to explain procedures in detail to me over the phone and emails. The tenant filed appeal and Lisa is helping us with next step ! Thank you Lisa !! We send our regards from Paris, France ! ( will keep readers updated with new development)   View more testimonials


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