Why You Should Let Us Do Your Eviction

You Need Us To Do Your Eviction?

Your here because the tenant is not paying the rent. We get it!

You Need us to do your eviction in HoustonThis is not complicated but you do need to understand some very important things. You have to know the system, the psychology of dealing with the tenant and exactly how to handle the process. Get any of this wrong and it will either blow up in your face or cause you a lot of problems down the road.

We understand all of these issues, we are the most professional eviction service for Houston and surrounding counties.

We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with tenants and doing evictions and managing properties in association with Complete Property Services.

We know how to get the rent or determine if the tenant is just playing games and is trying to stay as long as possible and not pay rent.

We deliver a formal hand delivered Eviction Notice and the tenant recognizes that now they are dealing with a professional organization and not the landlord, with whom they try to intimidate or play the sympathy card.  The whole dynamic changes.

Once they see you have hired a 3rd party to handle the situation they know you are serious and all the games come to an end.

Pay the Rent or Get Evicted is the Message

They know they have to either pay the rent, move out or get evicted.

But occasionally you will have one of those stubborn tenants that does not want to move that’s when you really need us. We understand the law and exactly how to proceed to get your tenant evicted from the property. The courts have very clear instructions on how to perform an eviction and if you get this wrong when you go to court your tenant could actually get you to pay for his legal fees.

So avoid any problems by letting us handle the eviction.

Don’t waste anymore time and losing money.  Let us help you to get your rent or your house back.

Get an eviction done for you

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