Keep Your Tenants on Their Toes.

Tenant not paying the rent. Eviction timeWe know that you as the landlord are often reluctant and just do not like sending notices. Perhaps the frustration for having to send one just causes you too much stress to deal with sending the tenant a late notice. Perhaps you don’t want to look like the bad guy, just hate do it, or whatever may be your reasons, give it to us. Let us do it for you and you can tell the tenant or we will tell the tenant that you, the landlord, have signed up for our service and we will be monitoring their rent payments. If they are late they can expect to get a notice and if payment is not made they can expect an eviction lawsuit to begin following the 3 days.

No Slack its Too Expensive.

We also know that many tenants just think they can push their landlords around, well we are here to be the third party mediator that they cannot push around and respond to their lame excuses (pardon me for my callousness, it happens after I have seen so many landlords taken to the cleaners). Our notices definitely get their attention and if they are not going to pay or just cannot you will not have to wait a month, losing that time to do the eviction and then another month goes down the drain, that gets expensive pretty quick. We will send a certified traceable 3 day notice to the tenant notifying them that they are late. You just notify us via email or phone call, or text message that you require us to send a notice and consider it done. Call us about our 3 DAY Notification Service Program


Houston Eviction Notices works for you