You can never be too careful when renting or leasing your property. Now days you just don’t know who to trust. When you try to give someone a break it can be like trying to feed a snake. You get bit. The best advice is before they move in make sure the check is good.

At court we have even received bad checks right in front of the Judge. Our advice is bring cash or money order, there are just too many fraudulent Cashiers check out there, they are too easy to make.

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Fox News reported recently on this exact problem of a fraudulent rent check

HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Sitting alone in a truck, on a cold, rainy day 62 year old Nell Clark seemed a bit out of place.

“I just spoke with him by phone,” Clark said. “He’s inside the house. Won’t let me in.”

She’s talking about a 34 year old man who, along with a young woman, moved into her Missouri City townhouse on January 5 after signing a lease agreement.

“They gave me my deposit, plus first month’s rent,” she said. “I let them move in.”

But Clark says bank employees didn’t let her cash their check. They told her it was fake. She has already reported the bad check to Houston police. If her story checks out, according to Fox 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico, the people who moved into her house are not just bad tenants.

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