Serving the Notice To Vacate for Non-Payment of Rent

The Notice to Vacate is often a very difficult thing to do. Especially in lite of the recent violence and death of a constable delivering a notice to vacate.  Houston Evictions is here to help you with this. Although you can mail one by certified mail. This medium is a longer way to get a reply, you usually end up waiting for about 10 days time.

Where as if we hand deliver it you know the count starts on the next day.  Then you can start the filing process, if they have not paid by the end of the 3rd day and get the court on the 4th day, to file the eviction. This will save you as much as a week, to get them out and your house back.

Eviction notice leads to 3 shooting deaths near Texas A&M campus

(CBS/AP) COLLEGE STATION, Texas – A Texas law enforcement officer attacked as he brought an eviction notice to a house Monday was among three people, including a shooter inside the home, killed Monday near a Texas university.

A 65-year-old man also died, while three other law enforcement officers and a 55-year-old woman were wounded, in the shootings at an off-campus home not far from the Texas A&M University’s football stadium, College Station Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum said.

Brazos County Constable Brian Bachmann had gone to a home with an eviction notice just after 12 p.m., McCollum said. A man in his mid-30s who lived there opened fire from inside, he said.

Officers responding to calls describing an officer down saw Bachmann wounded on the ground in the front yard, (read more…)

In today’s hostile environment it is probably a good idea to have someone else handle your hand delivered eviction notifications.  We recommend the hand delivered notice along with a letter sent via certified mail.  This gets the process moving a lot faster and the tenant really gets the point.  It’s time to pay the rent or move out.

Tenants until then will come up with every excuse in the book and then some.  I have heard the most insane excuses why they cannot pay the rent this month.  Only to find out the bought a new car, a new big screen TV, instead of being sick they were on a vacation, even a cruise. Whatever reason they seem to have there is no excuse not to pay rent.  You have every legal right to give them  a notice to vacate one day after the due date.

Not the day that it is late, which starts the calendar for penalties, but the due day.  For instance lets say your lease says the rent is due on the 1st of the month and that it will be considered late on the 5th of the month. The 5th of the month is when the financial penalties kick in the “Grace Period”, but in actuality the due date is the date it is due and the next day, the 2nd, it is late.

So you can legally give them a vacate notice on the 2nd of the month if you are just tired of dealing with them.

 Can a Constable deliver a Notice to Vacate?