The Process to Evict Tenants Behind in Rent

 Houston Texas is the place where lots of people reside in rented property or have their own mobile homes on a leased lot space. There have actually been a lot of cases where tenants refuse to leave the location or the leased mobile house even after not paying the rent.

 The legislation opponent tenants additionally bounds the owner to take an action where he can force the renter out.

 What is the proper procedure for an eviction?

If the lessee has actually not been able to pay the rental fee for 1 or more months the owner should deliver a vacate to pay notice to pay the rent as quickly as possible.


  • The owner is still not allowed to force out the lessee or disconnect any utilities unless is specifically mentioned in the lease and signed by the tenant.

What does the Landlord do to Start an Eviction?

Comply with the Lease Arrangement:

  • The vacate notice should be written to say what is in the lease. Also the time frame for delivery and when to deliver is clearly given in the notice and the tenant has passed the predetermined time period to pay the rent.
  • The owner is not permitted to cut off any kind of utility service as retribution regardless as that is prohibited by state laws.


Submit the Petition for Eviction:

  • Next the owner is to file a petition for the eviction with the court if the first vacate notification has been unanswered with the rent.


Ensure you have all evidences for the Court:

  • The courts in Houston, Texas are strict regarding the renter rights as well as the property owner’s rights and wants all the proper evidences presented in court.
  • Both the owner and the lessee have equal rights to provide the evidences whether the tenant has actually paid all the charges on time and the owner is simply making his points showing tenant’s nonpayment of the rent. Proof would require a ledger on the monthly payments or lack thereof.


Judgment by the Court for the Landlord:

  • If the court gives a favorable judgment for the owner to evict the renter after that it is renter’s responsibility to leave the dwelling within the provided time 5 days, unless they appeal.
  • The landlord is not permitted to deprive the renter of any type of utility within that time frame.

WRIT of Possession:

  • If the occupant does not leaving the property or appeal after the court’s judgment then the owner can get a WRIT of Possession that will allow the tenant to be forcibly removed under the direction of a policeman.


 If the Tenants Appeals:

  • The tenant must pay to the court within 5 days a bond or one month’s rent. If they do not do this you can move forward with a WRIT of Possession.
  • With an appeal it is as if the case starts all over again with the presentation of all the evidence. Only you or an attorney can appear at the Appeals Court, you cannot be represented by any other agents or managements.
  • We have found that most of the time the tenant will not show up and if they do you will likely get the same results of a conviction for nonpayment of rent. Only now you can add all legal fees from the lawyer to the judgment and get a WRIT immediately.


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