Hey Houston landlord read carefully the list of 10 reasons for renter application rejection 

Sometime it is very tempting to rent to the first tenant that seems like a good fit for your property.  But there are some rules you should evaluate this prospective tenant before you let them sign the lease.

The Reason for Renter Rejection Looks are deceiving. Check the tenant out.

This short list only requires one of the items below for giving you every reason to not accept the applicants application.

  1. A previous eviction
  2. Not enough income to support the property
  3. Bad credit
  4. They seem like the type to not follow your rules. Non-smoking unit smell of smoke, No Pets – clothing has pet hair, etc…
  5. They are making a move in the middle of their current lease
  6. A serious criminal history
  7. Incomplete Application (Red Flag)
  8. Negative references to former landlords or rentals
  9. They have a needy and demanding attitude

The here is the BIG NUMBER 10


Here is the one that seems to slip by.

10. Too many occupants. You have to follow the law when it comes to local zoning. So do the tenants. Be on guard for the bait-and-switch — a tenant who rents in their name, then moves in all of their friends. Speak with other landlords, and apply common sense. A word of caution: don’t reject families with children on occupancy unless you are sure you have met the standards of the Fair Housing Act and your state’s discrimination laws.



Reasons to evict a tenant