What to do after the Court Case

Okay you have gone to court and the court ruled tenant is evicted. Now you have to wait 5 days for them to move out or appeal. If they move out great. If they appeal bummer.

I have landlords asking me what do I do?  Do I talk to them?  Can I go to my house before the WRIT date?  Can I put a For Sale sign in the yard?

Wait 5 Days for the WRIT

No you have to wait the 5 days  before you can do anything… the Judge / State gives them 5 days to make the transition or decided what they are going to do.  If they are still there and have not appealed you will need to get the WRIT of Possession and have the Constable come and move them out.

Should I Talk to Them?

My personal opinion is NO, that is unless they call you.  If they call you keep the emotions eviction cautions until the writout of it and just say what the court said, well a shortened version.  “Please be out before the 5 days are up, so I don’t have to get the WRIT of Possession”, end the call. Resist, Resist saying much else, except please return all the keys to me or a neighbor, etc..

Continuing the conversation beyond that point is counter productive for you.  If you piss them off, ie: threaten them, they may just decided to piss you off and go for the appeal.  I am not going to go into all the details of how they can do that, like you see on the news all the time when they tell criminals how to commit a crime by explaining some process, but take my word for it they can and will just to be jerks and buy more time.  I see it all the time because at this point some of them feel, what the heck, or some other choice adjective.

In Conclusion

So in conclusion : bite your tongue, let the process take it’s course and get them out. If you make any deals you are on your own and I hate saying I told you so.