WRIT of Possession

WRIT of Possession Explanation

When the tenant(s) does not move out by the 5th day after the judgment then the landlord must execute a WRIT of Possession to force the tenants out.

How the WRIT is Executed

How this works is someone must go back to the Court Precinct where the eviction was held and pay the constable to execute the WRIT. The constable will go to the house and give them a 24/48 hour notice to be out of the house or they will have all their furniture and belongings removed from the residence by a moving company.Depending on the size of the house and the number of items to be cataloged and record this could take some time. A representative has to be present the entire time.


The constable also wants you to rekey or change the locks on all exterior doors so that the tenants cannot re-enter the house. If you cannot do it then you are requried to within the next 7 days. It is highly recommended that you do it at the time as I have seen tenants attempt to come back to the house looking for any items the movers may have left.  The movers will not take what they consider junk, but the tenants idea of junk and the constables idea of junk can be very different. So change the locks ASAP as to avoid any problems after the fact.

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