Tentative Date

When the court gives a Tenative Date for the hearing it is because the Constable must physically give the court appearance notice to a person of legal age. They cannot leave it posted on the door as with a 3 Day Notice without a judges signature to do so. The Constable will make 3 attempts at personally deliver the notice and if after the third attempt is not successful he must return to the Precinct of the presiding Judge and have him sign a waver to leave it posted on the front door. Therefore you may have a delay waiting for the judges signature and the date for the court appearance will change. This why the date is tentative. In most situations this is not the case and your date is valid. But you must (we do) call the courts the before just to verify that you indeed are going to trial. I have made this mistake on several occasions to be sitting in court and never have my name called and then to find out that it was moved back a few days.  Always call first. http://houstonevictions.com

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