Landlord Beware

When a tenant is late on the rent DO NOT accept a personal check. We tell them in our notices that the landlord will only accept Cash, Cashiers Check or a Money Order. I have just seen too many bounced checks for late payments and then the tenant buys more time and gets more days of free rent. Especially those that want to play the system and get all the free days out of you they can. Or perhaps they are just desperate and write the check just hoping to buy more time until the money really does come in, which really makes no sense, but I have seen it all.

If the tenants have been putting you off try us, a third party notice always get a reaction. They know you are serious and no more game playing. So if you haven’t had us deliver a 3 Day Notice for you yet click on the banner on the right of your screen and get started right away or click here.