What Else Can Go Wrong with My Eviction

So you got the judgment what can go wrong?

OH NO !@#*$% !

Or so you thought and you have one of the rare few that do not want to go down without a fight, so they stay. What Next? You have to get a WRIT of Possession or you have an Appeal on your hands (just to buy time at your expense).

How does the WRIT of Possession Work?

You have to pay the Constable to go and give a 24 hour notice to get out and then he will come back with a moving truck and take all the tenants stuff to storage.  Something the tenant will definitely regret and you have the extra expense and time lost. Oh yes, you will need a locksmith too.  (We handle all this for you)

What if they Appeal?

See the new Court Ruling as of 2012 here for Paupers Appeals.

Now you need an Attorney as this will have to go to the County Courts. This is just a delay tactic as far as I have seen, but if forces you to wait about another month and the added expense before you can get your house back.  There are somethings that the attorney can do to end the Appeal early and expedite the process. (We have good recommendations)

Now you can do the WRIT.

Getting Your Judgment

In Texas you have to request an Abstract of Judgment in order to be able to collect. You are not allowed to garnish wages.  You can only go after physical assets and for this you often need a Skip Tracer / Detective to find the money.  You can also find a debt collector to just hound them and there are Judgment Collection services that will want a 50/50 split.

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