Texas Property Code and Re-Keying your house

It’s important to know the what the law says before you re-key your house. Before you do anything especially if you feel there is even a hint of a retaliatory action you need to check with the Texas Property Code.  You could get in trouble with the courts and this is something you want to avoid.  Commercial property renters will fight back and if there is any sign of punitive changes initiated by you to the courts you will loose and could face fines. 

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(f) If a landlord or a landlord’s agent changes the door
lock of a tenant who is delinquent in paying rent, the landlord or
agent must place a written notice on the tenant’s front door stating
the name and the address or telephone number of the individual or
company from which the new key may be obtained. The new key is
required to be provided only during the tenant’s regular business
hours and only if the tenant pays the delinquent rent.
(g) If a landlord or a landlord’s agent violates this
section, the tenant may:
(1) either recover possession of the premises or
terminate the lease; and
(2) recover from the landlord an amount equal to the
sum of the tenant’s actual damages, one month’s rent or $500,
whichever is greater, reasonable attorney’s fees, and court costs,
less any delinquent rents or other sums for which the tenant is
liable to the landlord.
(h) A lease supersedes this section to the extent of any

 Leave a Note when Re-Keying

When re-keying the door make sure you leave a note to tell the tenant where to get the new key.  This is required by the Texas Property code and not leaving it will cause you legal problems.

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