We will resolve your tenant problemI see in court and I get calls all the the time from tenants saying I am not going to pay my rent because they need to fix something. Sorry to tell you dear tenant, but you have to pay rent. Withholding rent because of a problem with your rental in the eyes of the court is not an excuse to not pay rent.

You Must Pay your Rent

A lot of what I see is the tenant plans to leave because of a problem (other ways to deal with this later) and not pay the last month rent so they can save money to move. Well that will not fly with the courts. If you live there you have to pay rent, PERIOD. If after demanding the landlord to fix the problem and they do not, you can have it fixed and send them the bill in place of rent and they cannot evict you. But it must be legitimate and you must have given the landlord time to respond to fix it himself.


You do not want an eviction on your records, it’s permament.


New eviction rules