Tenant not answering you calls to pay rentWe have found many tenants think they can ignore, bully or play the sympathy game on you the landlord. The fastest and most effective way to get their attention and get a response is to have a 3rd party, like Houston Evictions to hand deliver our convincing 3/30 Day Eviction Notice and it will get a response.

We have a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate and just a 3 Day Notice to Vacate for non-payment of rent.

Now they know you are serious and the game is over. Just $69.00 we will hand deliver and send a letter to remind them. Then if they don’t respond we slam down the hammer…

If you a landlord you need to proceed with the eviction process when you have tenants not responding to your attempts to reach out to them.  It’s always better to try and do what you can to make that happen but when you realize that after several different types of attempts, phone call, text message, email,  you need to send them a 3 Day Notice to Pay or  Quit in the hopes that they will pay.

If they do not respond to the notice then you have at least started the process and can now let us finish the eviction for you.