Is your lease with the tenant coming to an end?

There are definite steps you want to take to make sure your tenant is moving out on time and leaving the house in good condition so you can have the next tenant ready to move in.   These steps will help you to get the results you want for having the current tenant move out and the new one moving in without a problem.

avoid Lease problemsA fixed-term lease sets an end date.  But tenants don’t always follow the letter of the law.  Enforcing the lease is going to take time, and some tenants will take advantage of the situation.

If your fixed-term tenants stays on beyond that date –even for a day — two things could happen:

1.  The new tenant can’t move in on time, and

2.  …, the lease will convert to a month-to-month, and you now will be required to give notice in order to get the tenant out.  In addition, you lose out on the opportunity to raise the rent for that month.

Even if you have a carefully-drafted lease with a stated term and move-out date, don’t leave the end to chance.  Talk with your tenants well in advance of the move out.  If you will not be renewing the lease, provide notice or a simple reminder of that move-out date, and let them know that you are expecting to take possession promptly.  Schedule a final walk-thru at the same time.

Otherwise, your tenants are in control of your destiny, and may take their sweet time giving you back your property.

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So if you need any help in negotiating this please contact us at Complete Property Services and we will be glad to guide you through the process to avoid eviction problems.