Ken – I see this, “Oh Poor Me” stuff all the time… my recommendation is to proceed, but it’s your call. They will play you for all you got. They never do what they say. She has 3 choices that is more than enough.

  1. Pay the rent
  2. Leave the Property
  3. Go to court.

That’s reasonable… she knows that if she can delay this and get out before you file with the court that the case will not be prosecuted. If she is there and we file she is going to get this on her record and have a judgment against her, NOT GOOD FOR HER.

I say as a good attorney said to me once… there is no reason to give a replay you have already provided ample of choices and time, make a decision.

They are wanting you to play the game on their terms not yours. They want you to play by their rules. If you are tired of this BS don’t give it a second thought, otherwise it will not end here.


Houston Evictions