Notice to Vacate Delivered by Hand

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When thinking of renting out a space such as a home, basement, apartment, condo or even a commercial office, it is extremely crucial to have an agreement signed by both the landlord and tenant. However, if you’re dealing with issues it is important to present a rental property eviction notice to the tenants. It would be hectic to issue notices to tenants usually since there would be so much of paperwork required. But, today free online eviction forms are available to resolve the problem.

Notice to Vacate in Houston

In Houston, Texas when it comes to tenant eviction, all aspects are followed to the “T”. Any error can cost the property owner dearly, sufficient enough to file a case too. For a non-paying tenant, the eviction process would basically begin with the demand to pay or leave. Houston Evictions follows this demand properly and must be in writing. This involves rent payment or surrender of premises with a “3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit”. Any tenant eviction need if anything than non-payment again includes a 3-day notice to quit.

Houston Evictions Helping Landlords

The hand delivered 3 Day Notice to Vacate includes identifying the property in such a way so that all aspects of the premises are covered. Proper details must be included in the notice so that the tenant is notified as established by law. It involves mentioning the correct address of the rental property as well as the names of all renters on the lease. A legal description is not necessary. The landlord must be clear with every aspect of the notice inclusive of the exact rental fees. Any error on the notice can make it invalid and the landlord could lose the eviction case if it goes to court.

Notice to Vacate in the Surrounding Harris County areas

So for eviction notice near me or looking for an eviction service near by, we are here to serve you and get the rent or get your money back.

Care should be taken to validate all the information with the lease as any error can result in the eviction being nullified. Of course, the 3 day notice to vacate must also include the details of who is making the payment any other fees due as a result of it being late. It also specifically declares in the eviction notice due to non-payment will be cancelled if the rental fees are made. The notice for eviction is valid if the property owner complies with the requirements of the service. This is of course personally delivered to the tenant with 3-day notice to pay or quit. It should also be sent by mail and can require a signature.


In the absence of the usual tenant, the landlord will deliver the notice to vacate to the person occupying the house, provided the recipient should at least be 16 years of age. Such a substitution is allowed only if the tenant isn’t at home or is at work. If all requirements are met, the resident is liable to accept and the notice is said to be legally delivered. In fact, Houston Evictions not only delivers the notice in person and the tenant happens to be away at work, another copy is mailed to the tenant, to complete the eviction service of one delivered to the door.


The eviction notice is then presented in court if the tenant does not pay the rent. It serves as the first step to evict a tenant.