We are a Licensed Property Management Company

We are frequently asked the question: Can we handle the eviction process for you? Yes we can! And we have been providing this eviction service to the Houston area for over 4 years. We work with attorneys to do the Appeals on cases as provided by the Texas Property code. YES ! We can be your Authorized Agent for non-payment of rent.

Texas Property Code §24.011 Non-lawyer Representation

In eviction suits, in the Justice Court for nonpayment of rent or holding over beyond a rental term, the parties may represent themselves or be represented by their authorized agent, who need not be attorneys. In any eviction suit in Justice Court, an authorized agent requesting or obtaining a default judgment need not be an attorney.

We can help you and are more affordable than an attorney; but if you still want or require an attorney, please call us for assistance.

Best to you on getting your rent or your house back.

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