I was sent the question by a tenant filing for a Paupers Appeal and this is my answer

If i lose a eviction case before the county court and i was approved for a paupers affidavit in jp court do i have to Apply for another ? What kind of form do i need to file from the county level?

I do not do appeal work nor know what you need to do. I do think this once you file for the paupers appeal you will have to pay rent to the Registry of the Court. The court is not going to let you stay in the house for free. And if you do not pay the rent to the registry of the court they can ask to dismiss the case and get a WRIT of possession immediately. If your case was non payment of rent because you don’t have the money, my opinion is move out and live with a friend. Why rip the landlord off? He was doing you a favor to rent to you in the first place. Your just building more bad karma for your life. And he is not the government, he has a mortgage to pay too. We have military troops everyday and in the past risking their lives and dieing for your freedom, and now you are going to take that freedom and use it in a bad way, just to get a free ride? You should have been seeking another place to live when you knew you could not pay the rent. MOVE OUT NOW!