It seems like with all the people we serve that one of the common denominators is that they give the tenant way too much time to pay rent. In Texas you only have to wait to whatever day you lease says they are late before you can send a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate. You need to get the process started right away.

Why Should I Not Wait to Send a Notice?

I am seeing more and more homeowners / landlords trying to give the tenant time because they are afraid to have to find another tenant, so they allow themselves to be taken advantage of. My advice is to cut your loses. We deliver a number of 3 Day Notices to delinquent renters and they get the point and pay the rent, move out or we have started the eviction process without any further delay.

I see people that wait MONTHS before they finally break down and start the process. I know of some tenants that are saving their money to move or buy a house and so not paying the landlord is how they get the money they need. Don’t be taken advantage of you need to get paid for your house, unless your are one of the benevolent millionaires that grace our country?

Have us send your eviction notice to the tenant.

The WRIT of Possession