The Tenant Opens Your Bank Foreclosure Notice

So your tenant opened you mail that said you house was in foreclosure? Maybe your doing a loan modification and the bank has said don’t pay. Well the other side of the bank, the legal side, says hey he’s not paying so send out a foreclosure notice. (I want to talk about his problem later as concerning the banks left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing) . Now the tenant starts freakin out. I can understand the concern, but the problem is now they think the were just appointed the Rent Regulator Senior Commissionioner.

Okay, sending out the notice is normal, what’s not normal is your tenant opening your mail. I think that is illegal, but they’ll say it was a mistake, yeah right. Now the tenant says, hey I am paying this guy rent money and he is not paying his mortgage with it, so I am not going to pay rent. WHAT, yep I hear it all the time. The tenant gets all self righteous and thinks, what’s he doing with all that rent money, this guy is rippin me off. Like there the rent police or something. Now their acting like they own the house. And they surely are thinking this guy is blowing all my rent money on Vegas (because what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas) and he didn’t think I would find out, or whatever goes through their heads. So now it is their responsiblity (or excuse) to not pay rent and go buy that new car that they always wanted, or dress or whatever, because if the landlord is waisting my rent money then I am not going to give it to him to blow that’s my job. I’m the Rent Regulator Senior Commissionioner and I confiscate any and all rent that is not used the way I see it.

Put on the brakes!!!!! Remember back when I said we were doing a loan mod to avoid foreclosure, it’s just none of the tenants business what you do with the rent. But most people are trying to work things out with the bank. Most tenants think that landlords are mini Donald Trumps and have lots of money and they have millions in the bank. What have they been smokin?

So let me say this about all that… you can evict them for non-payment of rent even if you are in default, because you still own the house. They have to pay you. It’s just that simple. So go here and start the eviction process.

Warning to the Non-Paying Tenant

There is a law in Texas (this is not legal advise only for informational purposes only and accuaracy is not an exact quote but the flavor of the rules) that if a tenant at the time of foreclosure is current on the rent paid to the landlord and then the bank becomes owner of the property, the tenant will not be evicted from the house immediately but they will have 90 days to find another place to live. BUT if the tenant is not current on the rent at the time of foreclosure then the tenant will be evicted and given only 3 days to vacate. So wake up tenant and pay your rent

The high and mighty tenant just shot themselves in the foot either way you slice it. Sorry to hear if you have one of these self imposed rent regulators as a tenant, but we can help you.