WRIT of Possession


Once the WRIT has been paid we must wait on the Detective / Deputy handling the case to call us when service has been made.  The Deputy  Constable gives the tenants a 24 hour notice. He will then return the next day and that is when we have to show up to meet him.  If you do not have keys provided to us then you will have to pay for my locksmith to meet us at the property to give us entry into the house.


Houston / Harris County (Other areas call for pricing) If a Locksmith is required this is extra. This is the force-able removal of the tenant with the assistance of the local Constable.


This fee includes filing the writ properly and paying the court costs. Also our staff meeting the constable at the property to take possession. Should the writ require on site representation, a fee of $300 will be due in addition to WRIT charge. This is for paying for men to remove the tenant’s possessions from the house.  A recent change in the Constables service of the WRIT of Possession has stopped them from providing movers and it is now the responsibility of owner to have a crew move the items to the curb or storage. **if a locksmith needs to change your locks this is an extra payment required to be paid by you the landlord / owner but will be coordinated by us.

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WRIT of Possession