Evictions for Houston and North Harris County Texas


Evictions for Houston, North Houston, NW Houston, West Houston and NE HoustonTexas. Select the number of adult tenants that signed the lease to proceed with the eviction.Select your purchase for an eviction or notice


Eviction Services for Houston, North Houston, West Houston, NW Houston, NE Houston, Katy, Spring, Cypress, Humble and Kingwood Texas. We go to court, fill out all the paperwork, pay all the court fees and attend court for you or with you, your preference. Once the court case is completed, in most cases, the court will mail us a copy of the judgment. Once we have received the judgment,  we mail it to you. The eviction process begins when the court date has been set. The date is precinct dependent. The Justice of the Peace Courts set a tentative date when we file but some JP Courts only notify us of a date when or after the tenant has received notification of the eviction suit by the constable. In this case, the tenant will know the date before we do. Once the JP Court has notified us of a date , we notify you. Please email or fax us a copy of the lease or proof of ownership.

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